Own real assets.
Own the clean energy revolution, today.

Invest smart in high-growth energy storage. Earn up to 14% annual returns, plus utility rewards. Lead the green energy transition with penomo.

our partners and collaborators

'Invest in the fastest growing segment
of the green energy industry, effortlessly.'

powered by Real World Asset (RWA) tokenization.


brings decentralized finance & liquidity to accelerate the renewable energy revolution.

Opening access to $32.5 bn worth of battery RWA by 2030.
investors.penomo enables individuals and communities to invest and own a direct stake in battery & solar assets, previously inaccessible and illiquid. Earning in return a recurring revenue-share from energy storage utility and penomo ecosystem token rewards for contributing.
makers & operators.penomo provides battery makers & operators a software platform to access hassle-free, global capital pool to build and operate batteries. Bypassing CapEx hurdles, cutting out middlemen and accessing new revenues like data monetisation and carbon credits.

How penomo works


Build portfolio

Browse through a global and local curation of real, high-growth energy assets. Build a portfolio that helps power the world, literally.



Earn as your portfolio assets trade energy. Get yields over 14% as your ownership token and penomo token value rises.


Trade & Stake

Trade your asset tokens for stable coins or fiat. Stake tokens in cross-chain pools that local micro-grid operations, mint utility tokens.

Why penomo?

Battery storage will scale more than 15x by 2030.
But we're stuck with financial technologies
of the past.

Traditional financing for high CapEx is expensive. Web2 technology limits the
monetization of energy assets, extending ROI periods. The people remain disconnected,
lacking participation and placing a true energy storage revolution at risk.

penomo acts as the trustless, DeFi engine of the energy market.

Your impact, your rewards.

penomo investors power the World's energy DeFi engine, and win smart.

Impact returns

Your investment truly counts to drive the clean energy transition, with annual penomo yields up to 14%, plus token rewards that compound over time.

Direct Asset Ownership & Control

You own the real-world energy assets and you control the flow of your investments, while the regulatory compliance is on us.

Transparent and secure

Invest smart with transparent financials and energy asset data, via an intuitive App powered by secure smart contracts, trust & cross-chain composability.

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